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AC Cars Ace

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AC Cars Ace - Высокомощный спортивный автомобиль с кузовом типа кабриолет и классической компоновкой. Впервые его полноприводный прототип с двигателями Форд-Косворт 2,9 V6 или Ямаха 3,0 V6 представлен в 1992 году. В октябре 1993-го запущен в серию с V-образным 8-ми цилиндровым мотором Форд объёмом 5,0 л и приводом на задние колеса. В 1997 году двигатель с более высокой мощностью. Трансмиссия пятиступенчатая механическая или четырехступенчатый автомат (на заказ).Интересной особенность несущей платформы - наличие в передней и задней зоне сминаемости гидравлических цилиндров для поглощения и гашения ударов на низких скоростях.
Восьмицилиндровый V-образный двигатель позволяет Ace достигать скорости 225 км/час и набирать скорость 100 км/час всего за 5,9 секунд. Высококачественные спецификации Ace включают окна с электрическим приводом, полностью отделанную кожей внутренность салона, струйные сопла для мойки стекол, а также центральную блокировку.
AC Cars Ace
Мощность - 243 л.с. Его приверженцами являются люди, обожающие скорость и классический английский дух. Впрочем, консерватизм в моде не только в Англии.

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Ace Rosner leaves behind a less interesting world

But now that most interesting of lives is over. Over the years, Ace owned more than 200, up to 44 at any one time: Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Jaguars, Austin-Healeys, Lincolns. “When I was in Europe, shot up and injured, I decided that anything that I want that I can afford, I’m going to have,” said Ace, who received four Purple Hearts and three Bronze Stars for valor.

Cars became an obsession, not surprising for someone who learned to drive at age 8, sitting on his father’s lap in the family’s Packard Twin Six. The man I called my favorite one-armed, race-car-driving ex-CIA officer died Sunday at the age of 94.

Adolph Charles “Ace” Rosner Jr. As an officer in the 3rd Division, 30th Infantry, 1st Battalion, Ace participated in four invasions: Morocco, Sicily, Salerno and Anzio.

It was at Anzio in 1944 that a German mortar shell tore his right arm to ribbons. Then he joined the Army. His father was a serial entrepreneur, and the family lived all over the country.

For a while after high school, Ace was a photo stringer in Baltimore for the New York Times. was born in 1917 in Birmingham, Ala., the seventh of eight children. Last year he let me drive his brand-new $200,000 Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing .

Livermore Makes Case for BART Extension on County Tax Ballot

The transportation projects would be funded through Measure B3, a countywide sales tax measure. Currently, hearings are being held to determine which projects would be on the list to receive money.

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) is faced with whittling down $30 billion worth of proposed projects to $7.7 billion. It would fund the $7.7 billion of projects that will be selected to be placed on the ballot early enough next year to meet the November deadline.

A coalition of groups based mainly in Oakland signed a letter by Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson, who represents Berkeley and parts of Oakland, supporting a four-page "Community Vision Platform."

The Platform calls for money for AC Transit service restoration, repairs on the BART tunnel, bicycle/pedestrian project and program funding, money for local roads, and an eco-pass. The election would be held in November 2012.

If voters respond with the necessary two-thirds approval, the current one-half percent sales tax that goes to pay for transportation projects all over Alameda County would be raised to 1 percent.

Instead of sunsetting in 2022, as had been the case with the current one-half cent sales tax, the one-cent sales tax would continue in perpetuity. The transit pass would be free to all middle school and high school students in the county.

AC Cobra

AC Cars Ace

AC представила 378 GT Zagato
На протяжении довольно долгого времени мы ничего не слышали о AC Cars. Но с открытием Женевского автосалона компания вновь напомнила о себе, представив 378 GT Zagato. Первоначально новый супер автомобиль будет продаваться только в европейских странах, но немного позже AC запустит продажи

Компания AC представила спорткар 378 GT Zagato
Компания AC представила спорткар 378 GT Zagato Новый автомобиль является общим творением ателье Zagato и британской компанией AC Cars. Это не первый совместный проект двух компаний, ведь еще в 1957 году они создали AC Ace Bristol Zagato. Последний их совместный автомобиль также уникален, как и первый. Внешний дизайн AC 378 GT Zagato

Shelby Cobra still an icon at 50
Shelby Cobra still an icon at 50 Few could have imagined that the upstart Cobra, the unlikely offspring of England's venerable but tiny AC Cars (making cars since at least 1904) and a relentlessly ambitious Texan, Carroll Shelby — a Second World War pilot turned chicken farmer turned

The Shelby Cobra Turns 50
Ford wasn't his first choice of engine supplier, either, but General Motors shot down his request to buy small block V-8s, as they feared the car would be competition to its own Chevrolet Corvette. It was fate, then, that blended the AC Ace rolling

Cobra MA-200 an exotic one-off
By Nigel Matthews, March 14, 2012 The 1963 AC prototype dubbed MA-200 was supposed to be the replacement of the aging AC Ace, but was overshadowed by the success of the Cobra. Nigel Matthews — for the province It is always nice to come

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